Probe 30
Probe 30 | June 2015 | Current edition

Navine G. Khan-Dossos  Komt Hier Aan Deze Gele Vlaktes



→ visual essay

How different was it to work in the space of Probe compared to other exhibition spaces?
Probe is totally different because of the issue of scale, and this unique aspect allows monumental work to be made and tested that might otherwise be impossible. It is unlikely I would ever me able to paint the kind of mural I have made at Probe in a space of that size in the real-world, both in terms of my physical capacity, but also in terms of accessing a space that big at the stage I am at in my career.
So Probe has allowed me to be bolder with my ideas and braver with my vision, making me consider how I could push my work to its furthest limits within the context of the gallery space.

What did you want to create in Probe?
I wanted to create an immersive environment where my wall painting could spread across all the surfaces. The viewer is then lost in pattern and colour from floor to ceiling. This has always been my dream as a painter; to achieve this kind of space. I think I made an important step in this work towards making that happen, and being able to understand what I am capable of.

What obstacles did you run into?
The only real obstacle was how to paint floor to ceiling and the way the body has to contort to fit into the small spaces in order to cover all the surfaces. The work was very physically demanding, but I understood this would be the case and prepared for it beforehand with yoga and meditation. I see the work I make as a form of meditation, so it is important to be very present in the process and stay mindful throughout.