Probe 31
Probe 31 | August 2015 | Current edition

NOMAN  Something Will Happen



→ visual essay

How different was it to work in the space of Probe compared to other exhibition spaces?
We have made some large spatial works before, but the materials have always been fit for the size we presented them in. These where for example large metal buckets, or big curtain walls. Working in the probe we came upon using materials that in reality wouldn’t be fit for the use on normal scale. For example the big glass plate or a thin paper Pole.

What did you want to create in Probe?
One of the first things we where sure about, or that we found attractive about the space, was a certain cinematic value. We wanted to create spaces, and use the space in the work, instead of placing an object. We where also interested in mixing the image with a person and making pieces in real scale. We wrote an actual film script with linear narrative only to break it down and bring it back into an abstract type of telling. As in most of our work this results in a collage type of result.

What obstacles did you run into?
We were very ambitious in wanting to make three decors for the film. Also filming in the probe was not easy. It was a challenge to move trough the space and make steady images as there is not much room for the body of the cameraman.