Probe 36
Probe 36 | July 2016

Sibylle Eimermacher  Fundort (In the human eye, the pupil is the aperture)



→ visual essay

What did you want to create in Probe?
I wanted to investigate the relation between the displayed objects, the viewer, the space, and the objects among each other. In Probe you work with fixed camera angles that replace the eyes of the viewer. For me this possibility to direct the view so precisely seemed a very interesting point of departure. I also wanted to break with the static setup of usual exhibitions in order to emphasize the ungraspable aspects of my work and digital images in general.

How different was it to work in the space of Probe compared to other exhibition spaces?
Working in a space that will only be entered by the visitors online means that you can play differently with illusion. As the artist you can make viewers believe or doubt or maybe most important… become indifferent about what is real and what is not.
Further there is a very strong physical experience when working in this limited space. This sharpened my awareness for my position towards the space, the changing materiality and tactility of the floor and ceiling for example. But also towards the objects which I moved constantly.. because of their fragile character I had to be aware of their position all the time.

What obstacles did you run into?
I underestimated the complexity of the space. A smaller space offers more possibilities, almost like starting from a blank canvas. There is very little given situation where to relate to, everything is adjustable.
Another thing was the difficulty to step back, to create a distance from what I was doing, because from the start I already worked in this parallel manner: Physically but at the same time looking from a distance (through the camera eye). For me it was almost impossible to increase this distance in order to reflect, so I somehow felt haunted by the work during the whole process.